gra|cious [ˈgreıʃəs] adj
1.) behaving in a polite, kind, and generous way, especially to people of a lower rank
Sibyl was the most gracious, helpful, and generous person to work with.
a gracious apology
2.) having the kind of expensive style, comfort, and beauty that only rich people can afford
a gracious manor house
a magazine about gracious living
3.) gracious (me)!/good gracious!/goodness gracious!
old-fashioned used to express surprise or to emphasize 'yes' or 'no'
Good gracious! What on earth has happened to your feet?
'Did you ever go back?' 'Good gracious, no.'
4.) a gracious act by or gift from God is kind and forgiving
5.) [only before noun]
used as a polite way of describing a royal person
our gracious Queen
>graciously adv
>graciousness n [U]

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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